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Press Release : HORTIPUR Nutrients


HORTIPUR Nutrients: your partner in Growth.

Montreal, QC, February 2018: LACTOPUR Inc. (DBA Pur Legacy Group and FMB EXPORT are glad to announce the creation of a new player within the Canadian horticulture fertilizers supply industry.

HORTIPUR Nutrients is the result of a joint venture between the Pur Legacy Group (reputable Canadian strategic sourcing and logistics group acting in the Ag businesses for more than 15 years) and FMB EXPORT (Experienced Greenhouse/Horti/Ferti business development agency).

HORTIPUR Nutrients mission is to provide to the Canadian greenhouse industry, high-quality water-soluble fertilizers globally-sourced from the most reliable manufacturers on the markets.

Thanks to the Lactopur support and manufacturer agreements, HORTIPUR can offer a range of main N, P and K products and counts warehouses strategically located across the country, technical experts and a dedicated customer service team.

Let's meet soon to present you our range of products.

Your contact: Fabrice Mazzarese | | Tel: 514 984-7679

Press release:

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