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Take advantage of our expertise and network to identify the most suitable marketing options for your agricultural products, and gain access to the tools you need to make your projects a success. Since 2011, FMB Export has been working with leading manufacturers of agricultural inputs and equipment, large farms, cooperatives and trading houses to offer a range of services enabling our customers to manage all the risks associated with a new commercial project and position themselves in a new market.

Ferme de la laitue

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and our mission is to facilitate access to markets for companies wishing to improve the practices and technologies used in agriculture in order to increase efficiency, sustainability and productivity while reducing negative impacts on the environment. In addition to growers and operators, some of our customers are particularly active in the following areas: 

Fertilizer manufacture and biostimulants: Biostimulants are substances or micro-organisms applied to plants or soil to improve crop health, plant growth, stress resistance and harvest quality.

Precision agriculture: The use of technologies such as sensors, drones and geographic information systems (GIS) enables farmers to map their fields, monitor soil and crop conditions, and apply inputs more precisely, which can reduce costs and minimize environmental impacts.

Technological innovation: Companies are developing and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, robotics, biotechnology and information technology to transform traditional agricultural practices.

Agricultural biotechnology: advances in biotechnology have led to the development of genetically modified (GM) crops that are resistant to disease, pests or herbicides, which can reduce dependence on chemicals and increase yields.

Vertical farming and hydroponics: These growing methods, which often take place indoors in controlled environments, enable food to be grown more efficiently, using less water and space, and reducing the need for pesticides.

Agroecology and permaculture: These approaches focus on designing farming systems that mimic natural ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, improving soil health and reducing external inputs.


Cell culture technology: This emerging technique involves growing agricultural products such as meat or dairy products from animal cells, which could reduce pressure on natural resources and cut greenhouse gas emissions associated with conventional livestock farming.


Blockchain in agriculture: blockchain technology is being used to track and trace agricultural products throughout the supply chain, improving transparency, traceability and consumer confidence in food products.


These innovations represent part of the range of technological and conceptual advances that are shaping the future of agriculture, working towards more sustainable, resilient systems capable of meeting global food challenges. FMB Export offers players in these sectors access routes to develop new markets for their innovations.  

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