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agribusinesses to make the right decisions

Since 2011 , FMB EXPORT has supported Canadian and European companies in the agri-food and agricultural industries in implementing business development strategies on a local and/or international scale .

Strategically based in Quebec and France, FMB EXPORT offers proven expertise for the realization of personalized mandates linked to the implementation of commercial strategies, business intelligence tools and potential evaluation to penetrate and develop new markets locally and on one of the two continents where we are present.

You wish find out more?

Download our brochure to find out how we can help you take the next step in your business project.


Benefit from our expertise in agro-industry

FMB EXPORT supports your company throughout the process of implementing your commercial strategy towards the target market. Our "à la carte" services are part of each stage of your strategic planning; local or international; from business diagnosis to assess the potential of your products/services up to the marketing stage. 

FMB EXPORT supports you, advises and guides you to control the risks specific to each new commercial adventure. 

FMB EXPORT is mainly dedicated to supporting companies working in some agro-industry sectors


What is agro-industry?

The industrialization of agriculture and the globalization of markets have considerably modified agricultural practices. A new economic entity has been formed around agriculture and agri-food. Its players and main activities aim to meet a growing need in the sector in the world of finance and business. 

Agro-industry is a relatively recent term which designates all economic activities relating to production, transformation and the marketing products from agriculture.

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